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This is a chemical method to whiten yellow or gray teeth, it is a kind of deep cleansing of the enamel.

The basis of the formula is a chemical oxygen compound with the dye molecules that have remained in the enamel over time. Bleaching your teeth gives you back the natural color, which probably means whiter teeth.

Why do my teeth discolor?

Mostly by aging, medication, coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes and soft drinks.

They are real white killers that gradually discolor our teeth. Age also plays a role.
Just like the tint of your skin, the color of your hair or the white of your eyes, the color of your teeth is also hereditary. Teeth are made up of enamel, dentin (or dentin) and pulp. The color of your teeth depends mainly on the color and thickness of the dentine. That differs from everyone and that explains why the one has more white teeth than the other.

Can I have my teeth bleached?

Everyone who has to deal with extrinsic discoloration is eligible for whitening or bleaching. Extrinsic discoloration is discoloration on the outside of the tooth. Do you have yellow teeth, for example by using coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes or just by aging? People with only discoloration on the inside of the tooth (intrinsic discoloration) or who have filling material in the front are not eligible for whitening. They can whiten the color of their teeth through porcelain facets, veneers or facings.

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