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My Brace

How do I brush my braces?

With brackets on your teeth it can be a bit harder to brush your teeth. But it is very important that it is done thoroughly.

Start with brushing above the bracket and then down with a 45 ° angle to the gums. Then polish the brackets by placing the brush perpendicular to the blocks and with circular movements. (an electric toothbrush does this for you)

And afterwards you polish the part of the tooth under the brackets at an angle of 45 ° and this again with rotating movement. And do not forget the inside of your teeth!

Your thread also deserves extra attention.
In addition to the brush, there are also brushes or superfloss that can be used for under the wire. Choose a rager that is not too small or too big. The brushes are also used between teeth or teeth, this prevents plaque and toothdamage.