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Implants have become an indispensable part of tooth replacement

options. They have been used for over 45 years and during this time they have been refined, improved and expanded. In many cases they are the best choice for the replacement of lost teeth. preservation of the jawbone and functional comfort during eating.

For whom?

Implants can be placed by a stomatologist, periodontist or implantologist in adults who have reached at least the age of 16 years. In patients from the age of 70 years onwards, the comfort of chewing can be improved enormously by placing only 2 implants. Request more information here during your consultation.


Implants are made of titanium, a material that has the special ability to integrate firmly into the bone. Unlike with a prosthesis, you do not have to worry as much about wasting of your jawbone. The implant will make sure your jawbone is preserved after you lose a tooth.


This technique is used for the replacement of one tooth, to correct the missing of several teeth with a bridge or even when there are no teeth left at all. Implants are placed as a support for a prosthesis. This way your dentures are a lot more stable and you limit the further wasting of the bone.

For life?

Implants are not maintenance free. You should know that you have to take just as good care of them as is the case for your normal teeth. In that case, they can remain for live.

Excessive alcohol consumption or smoking can put the success of the operation at risk.

Regular check-ups are a must.