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Home Bleaching

Cavex Bite & White is a professional teeth whitening system.

This is an effective, fast and easy to use bleach method. Cavex Bite & White is a so-called dentist distribution system. The effective ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. To overcome stability problems, it is present in the material as carbamide or urea peroxide (16%).


  • for whitening effectively and easily at home.   
  • prior to restorative techniques.      
  • to change the smile of people in a easy way.


  • ideal gelling characteristics / easy to dose, stays in place.       
  • contains water to prevent teeth from drying out.      
  • dosage form: 3 ml syringes.      
  • 16% carbamide peroxide / stable and effective.      
  • contains potassium nitrate to prevent sensitivity.      
  • contains sodium fluoride for early remineralisation and for restoring microhardness.      
  • contains a mint flavor.      
  • is pH-neutral.

More information about this when you come to an intake interview.

Cavex Bite & White instruction video.