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An orthodontic treatment modifies the position and/or orientation of the teeth. The final result must be a good bite relation between the two teeth arches. A good an stable periodontal health of the teeth is an absolute requirement prior to the start.

Do not feel like a visible metal-colored bracket?

These days, there are also the "less visible" techniques such as ceramic "white" blocks that are quite aesthetic.

Since a few years, the technology with transparent Aligners is not unknown either. This technique is for small corrections in the tooth position. It is mainly used in adults where often the aesthetic aspect of, among other things, the lower front teeth and tooth movements is a problem after years.

Orthodontic treatments are reimbursed by the health insurance fund for children until their 15th birthday.

The duration of treatment varies depending on the severity of the abnormality and the patient's cooperation.

Currently is the waiting list for consultation and preparing work September 2020.

For more information you can call the number 03 830 26 16
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